Comprehensive Care for Chronic Conditions Program

The Comprehensive Care for Chronic Conditions Program aims to support initiatives focused on primary prevention, expanding access to health care, and promoting the continuous tracking and monitoring of risk factors within Primary Healthcare (PHC).

The goalis to provide comprehensive care, involving a proactive approach to early detectiono chronic conditions and intervention, in addition to measures such as health education, encouragement of supported self-care and the active engagement of health professionals in establishing continuous and scaled monitoring strategies to ensure treatment effectiveness.

Through the implementation of these measures, we aim to improve health outcomes, reduce complications and ensure integrated care for patients with chronic conditions.

Primary Health Care Strengthening Program

The Primary Healthcare Strengthening Program aims to drive innovative initiatives that seek to enhance and bolster the quality and efficiency of healthcare services, with a special focus on addressing Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases (NCDs) and associated risk factors.

The program supports strategies to enhance coordination across different levels of healthcare, ensure the adequate qualification of referrals and counter-referrals, and expand health care provision . To increase access to health services, it relies on cost-effective initiatives, leveraging the potential of digital technologies, such as remote monitoring, telehealth and other tools to offer a comprehensive and proactive approach.

In addition, it emphasizes the proper use of available data to inform managerial decisions, promoting informed and effective management.


Data platform created to help access Brazilian municipalities’ health information, focused on preventing chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and on primary health care (PHC). It gathers indicators constructed from different public data sources and enables the diagnoses, studies, and planning of projects and health policies.

Maternal, Child and Youth Health Program

The Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program supports initiatives focused oncoordinating healthcare levels for prenatal and comprehensive monitoring of the First Thousand Days, coordinated by Primary Health Care (PHC).

The goal is to prevent adverse outcomesoutcomes during pregnancy, ensuring comprehensive and integrated care for pregnant women, children and adolescents. With the implementation of remote monitoring strategies and a multidisciplinary approachto address Non-Communicable Chronic  Diseases (NCDs)) and risk factors withinthis specific group The aim is to  promote a care network involving health professionals from prenatal care stages to the period encompassing pregnancy and the first two years of the child’s life.

Through this integrated approach, it is possible to identify possible risk conditions early, ensure propermonitoring and offer timely interventions.