Primary Health Care Open Innovation Platform

Made possible by the GovTech Coalition, formed by Artemisia and Umane, this initiative aims to build tools that help improve Primary Health Care by monitoring data and managing key indicators in partnership with municipalities.

In 2020, in the first cycle of the project, the three startups selected operated in Afogados da Ingazeira (PE), Aracaju (SE), and Teresópolis (RJ). The implementation of the pilots resulted in the availability of data and easier access to this information, helping managers make faster and more assertive decisions.

The first solution developed was Impulso Previne, a platform for management and analysis of health indicators.  Implemented in 2021, in the city of Teresópolis (RJ), the tool has helped the municipality overcome the challenge of many Brazilian cities: to adapt their Primary Health Care networks to the requirements for the transfer of federal funds to municipalities, defined in 2019 with the launch of Previne Brazil.

In 2022 a new partnership cycle was started and the program now encompasses the post-acceleration of the three previously supported businesses, the updating of the search and selection thesis for businesses in PHC and the implementation of five new pilots in Brazilian municipalities, prioritizing the Strengthening of Primary Health Care.

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Entrepreneurs with solutions best suited to the demands of healthcare managers and impactful startups close to the healthcare and public sectors.

Operational territory:
Afogados da Ingazeira/PE,
Aracaju/SE, and Teresópolis/RJ

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Area addressed:
PHC System